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It is extremely important for every adult to have a Will. With it, you can decide the distribution of your property, name a guardian for your children, leave property to your loved ones, friends or charities – and perhaps most importantly – make your wishes known. Removing tough decisions from family members and friends who are already going through a trying time is a wonderful gift.


At the Law Office of Manchilo, we will be glad to help you get your essential documents in order. The process is simple – we’ll sit down together and discuss your property, family situation, and your intended distributions. Then our office will draft the Will and accompanying documents. We will keep a signed copy in our files in case there is ever any question.


While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, clients who come to us for Wills always feel better when they leave with their Will in their hands. Life is exciting and there is a lot for you to accomplish – get your Will done so that you can get back to living it, knowing that your loved ones, family and friends will be protected.


Remember: Without your own Will in place, just about all the decisions about your estate are left up to the state you live in.



Do you need a Will? Call the attorney at Law Office of Manchilo to schedule an appointment.



Trusts are tools for estate planning that work alongside your Will to control how assets in your estate are distributed. Specifically, trust can:

  • Control the timing and method of the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries;

  • Keep your assets secure from would-be creditors;

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for probate proceedings;

  • Minimize tax liability for estate and gift taxes.

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